Don't Just Shelter In Place,
Shelter in Your Sanctuary

Designing From A Distance

As you are spending more time at home during quarantine, let Victoria and VLV Designs help turn your shelter into a sanctuary. 

Now is when we all are finding more time to work on home projects, however, you are not alone; we are here to help! We can virtually do consultations whether it be selecting paint colors, space planning, updating with personal touches or laying the foundation for your dream home makeover. 

Contact us for more information on remote design consultations, no matter your location.


Get to Know VLV Designs

Celebrate Your Life

Victoria Valentinas is the President and Principal Designer of VLV Designs. As a graduate of High Point University's Interior Design and Studio Art programs, Victoria celebrates the design in everything. With over a decade of experience in the home industry including time spent with brands such as HGTV HOME, Bassett, Thomasville and Bernhardt to name a few she is driven by her passion for all things design. Victoria has spent the past decade designing product, showrooms, stores and photoshoots to create the spaces that consumers like you find inspiration in as you browse social media, shelter magazines and retail stores. Now, Victoria and VLV Designs is excited to take her experiences to transform your inspirations to reality. From designing furniture, to bringing the perfect space together, to painting walls and canvases, Victoria's passion for all things design is evident in all of her work.

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 VLV Designs 

Design Your Life

“Why are you always trying to fit in when you were meant to stand out?” At VLV Designs we believe that everyone has their own personal design and it is our passion to bring that design to reality. Whether it be your home, your office, your personal brand or your birthday bash, we are here to help you bring your design to life! Are you ready to stand out? We would love to hear from you to discuss the endless possibilities of designs and events that are uniquely you!

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Life is too short...find an excuse to celebrate!

VLV Designs