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We take ordinary spaces and make them specialty places!

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We believe in bringing your personal vision to life by gathering your favorite things while adding new pieces to create a beautiful harmonious design.

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Behind all the creative designing we are on the road sourcing, picking up, delivering, painting, taping, negotiating, handling logistics, scheduling, quoting, installing, solving problems and doing whatever we can to make your life easier because our goal is to provide you with Livable Luxury Design! Located in North Carolina with year round access to the largest furniture market in the world, it is our goal to source and implement the best design solutions for your project needs.

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Victoria Valentinas is the President and Principal Designer of VLV Designs. As a graduate of High Point University's Interior Design and Studio Art programs, Victoria celebrates the design in everything. With over a decade of experience in the home industry, including time spent with brands such as HGTV HOME, Bassett, Thomasville, Bernhardt & Christopher Guy to name a few, she is driven by her passion for all things design. From designing furniture, to bringing the perfect space together, to painting wall murals and canvases, Victoria's passion for all things design is evident in all of her work; and her dedication to the customer experience is second to none!


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 VLV Designs 

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“Why are you always trying to fit in when you were meant to stand out?” At VLV Designs we believe that everyone has their own personal design and it is our passion to bring that design to reality. Whether it be your home, your office, your personal brand or your birthday bash, we are here to help you bring your design to life! Are you ready to stand out? We would love to hear from you to discuss the endless possibilities of designs and events that are uniquely you!

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